Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sendai city, Miyagi Prefecture

Sendai city is capital of Miyagi Prefecture and the largest city in Tohoku. Sendai is located in  the central part of Miyagi.

The day 11th March 2011, Miyagi was recognized worldwide. But unfortunately, there were not much of accurate information on the present status of Miyagi right after the disaster, so we think that a lot of foreigner in the world was difficult to get a handle on the situation. Despite we can get all informations from the Internet, they didn't know whether the informations (news) of the disaster is true or not, they went into a panic.

Tsunami hit the coast of Miyagi Prefecture, the largest earthquake in record history(M9.0) caused great damage to inland area too. This time, relative to the quake, the tsunami caused much heavier damage.

We'd like to explain about Sendai city a little. There are 5 wards (Aoba, Taihakuk, Wakabayashi, Izumi and Miyagino). Wakabayashi ward and Miyagino Ward faces the sea, there were big damage by tsunami.

This film show damage by tsunami. (location: Arahama, Wakabayashi word)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Our roots "Sendai"

Sendai is one of my roots. My paternal grandparents and father were born in "Gamou", the costal area of Sendai city.
In Gamou, only my grandfather's family immigrated to Brazil, taking many hopes and 5 sons, the youngest of the family, my father was baby.
After many years passed, next I (Japanese Brazilian) decided to live in Sendai!

Sendai has special charms, if you get away from downtown, you can go to mountains, big parks and sea easily. On the other hand, there is neon-glittering streets unique to cities.

Sendai is like a second home to me. Likewise Brazil like a second home to my grandparents.

Downtown area is only just recovering from the March 11th a huge earthquake.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Brazil Cafe Sendai... Let's together!!!

Brazil Cafe Sendai starts now!
We are happy to be here.
We'd like to create a space for the people who believe that Japan overcome all difficult situations together.
We'll never forget the day 11th March 2011, but we have to go forward.
This  blog is made by respect and love.
Especially, we pay respect to the deceased people by the disaster.

Please keep up your support!!